How to Register for the Race

Thanks for joining us! 

This year we’re running a virtual event. Since we can’t take the boats out on the water for an actual race this year, we are trying to take the GCBSR virtual by partnering schooners with organizations that support our mission of promoting and preserving the history and ecology of the bay. Each boat is free to choose whatever organization they want for this event. 

Each vessel and their partner will get the word out to their constituents to create buzz before the race, and then during the dates of the race, October 14 – 17, the fundraising will begin. Each boat will have their own web page, which GCBSR will help you create, and after it’s all over, all funds raised will be donated to the organizations selected by their racing boats. In other words, if Adventurer raced for Downtown Sailing Center, all funds raised by the partnership would go to DSC.

So, the ask is, would you be willing to join the Virtual GCBSR?

Once you choose an organization to partner with, you’ll need to contact them, agree on a partnership, and talk about how to get the word out. Conversely, you can support a program of yours if you submit a proposal to the committee (see the link below for parameters). Once you form your partnership, contact Mark Arduini at, and he’ll set you up with a web fundraising page. It’s a unique idea and a unique opportunity to do some good in the world.

So, join the virtual race! We’re excited about this and are here to help you as you reach out and organize your campaigns. I’m including the specifics below. It’ll be fun and do a lot of good where it’s needed.

Click here to see the Press Release

Click here to see how it works & parameters