The Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race

The GCBSR was founded to promote public awareness of the Chesapeake Bay’s maritime heritage and encourage the preservation and improvement of the Chesapeake’s natural resources. We accomplish this goal by presenting educational programs and supporting regional organizations who share this vision.

2023 Two Races in One!

Virtual Race August 23-26 | Bay Race October 3-8

New Grant Program

Non-profit organizations in the Bay area are encouraged to apply for educational grants.

GCBSR Sea Stories

Recorded webinars with schooner owners, captains and builders.

Our Promises To You

Promote awareness of the Chesapeake Bay’s heritage Encourage preservation of the Bay’s resources Support Chesapeake Bay education and clean-up efforts Bring historic schooners to the Bay Encourage schooner sailing and preservation

There’s So Much More

“There’s so much more to the GCBSR than big beautiful boats racing down the length of the Bay. Festivities span five days and include opportunities for hands-on learning, touring the boats, mingling with captains and crew, and singing sea shanties.”

Mark Talbot
Spin Sheet, Crew Member of the Woodwind


GCBSR YouTube Channel