NOTE: A shortened race left many of the awards unclaimed in 2018.

Black Dog Trophy

This is the Board’s most prestigious honor. Named and modeled after race founder Captain Briggs’ faithful companion, Rebel, its bronze statue of a black dog signifies loyalty to the race mission and faithful and honorable support for the event without personal recognition, in the spirit of Lane A. Briggs. The Black Dog Trophy is not an annual award, but is only presented when significant service is deserving of very special recognition.

Black Dog Trophy Recipients

2018 – BB Schenk

We are honored and proud to award The Black Dog Trophy to BB Schenk. BB has been involved in the Race from the very beginning. She became the Commodore of the Town Point Yacht Club (Sister Yacht Club of the Fells Point Yacht Club) after Captain Lane Briggs stepped down. She has been the driving force of the GCBSR’s spirit and dauntless in her guidance and getting folks to volunteer to support our mission.

Ironically, it was BB who found the Black Dog Trophy statue. Congratulations BB!

Thimble Shoal Fleet Awards

The GCBSR Perpetual Trophy

Designed by Joy Heely and executed in wood and stainless steel by Howdy Bailey and Phil Huffman, this top honor annually goes to the schooner with the best corrected time at the Thimble Shoal finish line, 118 nautical miles. This is considered the most competitive schooner, and ordinarily is a Class A or AA vessel (“Thimble Shoal Fleet.”).


Robert Latimer Award, Line Honors at Thimble Shoal 

Named for the designer and builder of our original trophy clocks, this is a special trophy for the Class A or AA schooner crossing the Thimble Shoal finish line first.


Windmill Point Fleet Awards

Howdy Bailey Buckle

The first schooner in the Windmill Point Fleet to cross this line is awarded a beautiful hand-crafted stainless steel Howdy Bailey Belt Buckle for “Line Honors.” (The smallest vessels, in B and C classes, finish at Windmill Point, a course length of 83 nautical miles.)


The Chesapeake Challenge Trophy

This ornate silver loving cup is awarded for the best corrected time at Windmill Point for a Class B or C schooner.


Bragging Rights Only ("BRO")

When a Class B or Class C (Windmill Fleet) schooner keeps racing all the way to Thimble Shoal, instead of turning on the engine when they reach Windmill Point, they are entitled to “Bragging Rights Only” by class.


The Special Howdy Bailey Remarkable Perserverance Award

A unique, similar edition of Howdy’s much-coveted handmade stainless steel belt buckle (resembling somewhat the one given for Windmill Fleet Elapsed Time above) is from time to time given by Howdy to the schooner crossing its finish line last under sail (longest elapsed time), in honor of its perseverance; or, at the discretion of the Race committee, to the schooner most deserving of recognition for outstanding seamanship.

  • 2018 Tom Stalder of the East Point Yacht Club for his perseverance in working with the Race committee and for all the help he and the EPYC provide in setting up and running the race start!

The Volunteer of The Year Award

The Board honors an outstanding volunteer during the awards ceremony, someone who has gone above and beyond requirements to accomplish his or her assigned duties. T

  • 2018 for Baltimore Lisa Forbes, of the Fells Point Yacht Club, for her untiring efforts to make the northern end of the race festivities, and the outstanding celebration at the Polish Home Club something truly special.
  • 2018 for Portsmouth Peter Briggs, for taking on all the challenges as they came. No matter how many times he is called on to help out the GCBSR, his answer is always, “I can do that”.

The Baltimore Perpetual Trophy

A smaller, Steiff-made sterling silver rendition of the Perpetual Trophy recognizes the top schooner of each year and resides at the northern end of the course, usually in a popular drinking establishment convenient to the harbor.


NOTE: Vessels racing in Class N are not eligible for any of the above Schooner Race awards.