Classroom Curricula

Sail Baltimore (pdf) and Sultana Education Foundation both have excellent classroom resources.

Educational Programs Aboard and Ashore

Living Classrooms, Bayshore Center and the tallship Lynx are supported by the Schooner Race and are among the organizations that provide educational programs for area schools and students. Contact then directly for details.

GCBSR Education Day

Teachers, bring your class to race week

Our education program brings young people living near the Bay aboard our schooners for a unique and exciting experience. Many of the schooners have well-developed programs with professional educators that make these vessels very effective learning platforms in STEM, ecology and history. Students enjoy hands-on lessons that promote awareness of the Chesapeake Bay’s maritime heritage and encourage the preservation and improvement of the Chesapeake’s natural resources.

Our education program can accommodate 100 students in Baltimore on the Wednesday of race week, and 100 students in Norfolk on the Monday after race week.

Are you an educator with students who are interested in participating in our race week education events? If so, we’d love to hear from you:



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