Resources you need to get on board…


Register your schooner and enter to participate in the current year’s GCBSR.

 Register for the Race

 Pay for the Race

Race Handbook

All the rules, instructions and information for race captains and crew, including schedule, racing rules and instructions, and more.  The “Table of Contents” contains links to all sections.

 Download Handbook

Crew Registration Form

A crew registration form must be completed by/for each crew member on a vessel. You may also download and complete a Full Crew List Form (PDF) and send it or give it to Nan Nawrocki before the Skippers’ Meeting starts on Thursday morning.

 Download Crew List

Hourly Positioning Log

The captain of each schooner must ensure that a position log recording the latitude and longitude of the schooner at each hour on the hour during the race is kept.

A paper log is located at the end of the Race Handbook for your convenience, or you may use any other paper record that has the appropriate information.

 Download Position Log


This is meant to be a fun race; however, the safety of the vessel and her crew is the sole and inescapable responsibility of the captain, who must ensure that the vessel is sound, seaworthy and manned by experienced crew who are physically fit. The captain must further ensure that all equipment is properly maintained and stowed, and that the crew knows its location and proper usage. It is also the sole and exclusive responsibility of the captain to decide whether or not to start or continue in any race. Vessels will be disqualified for unsafe operation or failure to have formal representation at the Skippers’ Meeting on Thursday morning. The race involves sailing at night in an area busy with commercial traffic. All participating vessels must fly radar reflectors, maintain a radio watch and keep a good lookout at all times. Vessels unfamiliar with night sailing on the Chesapeake are encouraged to seek local knowledge before entering the event.