The Results are in!

The results are in, and our judges have submitted their picks in our 2017 image contest. It was a very difficult decision, made with much deliberation from a selection of 135 images. Since this was our first year running this contest, we accepted images from all years. Our deep thanks to our judges; Richard Sherman, Sarah Salomon, and Doug Coulson.

And now, without further ado, congratulations to:

Shannon Hibberd, Winner 2017

Meet the Photographer

Shannon Hibberd

"My photo was from the 2013 Schooner Race on Schooner Adventurer 65 with Mark Faustick, which was also my first schooner race. I race regularly in Annapolis, but had never been on a schooner. I fell in love with the boat when I saw it in downtown Annapolis, and then I wrote to Mark asking if he needed crew! I was very lucky to get a spot onboard, it was an amazing experience on a gorgeous boat!"

Charlotte Faraci, Honorable Mention – Still Image


Charlotte Faraci, Honorable Mention – Video


Meet the Photographer/Videographer

Charlotte Faraci

"I have been a crew memeber of Schooner Woodwind for 5 years now. But this was my very first time participating in the race. I had always wanted to do it but never seemed to have the courage to take the leap. Im glad I did. Seeing so many beautiful schooners all in one place was amazing. A photographers dream come true. It's an experience I will not soon forget!"